When patrolling the seas, vessels that are high speed damage resistant and powerful are an essential requirement. Better maneuverability and high endurance power helps chase and track down law-breakers resulting in the success of such high-risk operations. Built to serve the Navy, Police and the Coast Guard, Border Security Forces. Defense boats from Marine Frontiers are ideal for combat purposes. These boats enable you to undertake longer operations spanning a few hours on the high seas without any support.

FEATURES of Defense Boats from the Marine Frontiers Yard include
- Reduces operator fatigue
- Easy maintenance
- High impact proprietary design collars
- Unsinkable
- Non-explosive fuel tank
- Ballistic protection
- Weapons’ platform
- Impact and grounding resistance

With Marine Frontiers, one can avail patrol vessels and high speed interceptors, ranging from 6.5 mater fleet RIBS to 60 mater Patrol vessels that address a broad cross-section of needs for heightened security, anti-terror and surveillance in ports and coastal waters. We have forged a strong bond with our clientele that include the Navy, Police, Coastguard, BSF, Offshore Oil and Gas platforms and sensitive defense installations by offering vessels unparalleled in speed, efficiency and security. Marine Frontiers offers a significant range of vessels dedicated to specialized needs.

Marine Frontiers’ Support Vessels assistance to the Navy, Police and Coastguard has helped catch many a law breaker over the years. Offering far reaching force projection, it allows commanders to move and control combat power with precise sustainment into unpredictable areas. Our Landing Craft (LCT) support vessels excel in discharging troops and equipment at all ports and even lagoons and beaches.