Marine Frontiers is a name synonymous with the construction of fast aluminium vessels, ranging from houseboats and commercial boats to defense boats and pursuit vessels. With a wide range of 600 tried and proven vessels in service throughout the world, the Marine Frontiers name bears a seal of unshakeable trust. Our marinas, pontoons and fingers are unrivalled in design, construction and strength. Several members of the management at Marine Frontiers are renowned the world over for their skills in aluminium marine construction and design and every new innovation at Marine Frontiers is driven by our commitment to boating enthusiasts and sea-farers across the world.

We at Marine Frontiers understand the importance of the reliability of your vessels and its care and maintenance. We provide specialized services catering to the varied needs of each type of vessel. We pride ourselves in having expertise in construction of marinas, pontoons, fingers and bridges. Being the leading distributors of ATV’s (Can-am), engines (Envinrude) and jetskis (Seedoo), we strive to offer you the best-in-class products.

Our highly trained workforce at Marine Frontiers is dedicated to providing comprehensive, all-year care and service, ensuring peak-performance and hassle-free operation. Our boatyard in Alibaug, Dharamtar has complete installation, maintenance and repair facilities , with rapid parts delivery support. At Marine Frontiers, complete consumer satisfaction is a given.